On Wednesday evening, members of both parties from the House Climate Solutions Caucus took to the floor to make their case for climate action and to build support for the expanding bipartisan club. Here are some GOP highlights (h/t to Citizens Climate Lobby for live tweeting the floor while your fearless author cooked dinner and policed teenagers doing homework):

Fitzpatrick continued: “The Climate Solutions Caucus will continue to show Washington how we can come together as Americans to get this done.”

Faso reported: “I’m currently working with my Ag Committee colleagues on conservation for the next Farm Bill… our work is far from over. We must address the impacts of manmade climate change.”

Curbelo had much to say:

  • “It’s the men and women who are willing to sit at the table and have a sober conversation who will solve this problem.”
  • “The Climate Solutions Caucus is not about blaming people, it’s not about pointing the finger: it’s about solutions.”
  • The bottom line, he said, is to work together to block bad legislation, draft bipartisan climate legislation.
  • “We’re going to provide opportunities for American innovation and growth. Good, high paying jobs.”
  • “We should not shy away. We should rise to the occasion.”
  • “We have led the world for the last couple centuries—we can also do it on this climate issue.”

Three cheers for the caucus members and all who spoke. Next stop, convert words into action!