I don’t have my usual set of optimistic words.

Like many, on Wednesday I was glued to my three screens watching coverage of insurgents attempting a coup against our democracy. I saw terrorists storming the halls I have walked and even saw one photo of a man dangling over the Senate floor from the balcony where spectators can watch their government in action. To the left of the dangling man in the image, the red velvet benches where Senate staff sit. Where I once sat.

Fortunately, after hours of sheer terror and destruction, democracy prevailed. But the fear I felt on January 6th will linger with me the way 9/11 still does.

Presumably you opened this message to read about the EcoRight but I don’t have news to report or articles that feel relevant. Much was thrown on its head this week, including control of the U.S. Senate. We will unpack the climate and EcoRight impacts of the Georgia runoff election in the weeks ahead and our podcast will resume next week with season two.

Until then, deep breaths. Be kind.

ICYMI: Earlier this week, I did a “look ahead” for the EcoRight. You can find it here.