Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo, our most active “red star” ecoright climate news generator, is featured prominently in the most recent episode of the National Geographic Channel ‘s Years of Living Dangerously, a documentary series on climate change.

In response to a comment about his courageous leadership on climate, Curbelo said “it’s kind of a shame that in today’s politics doing the right thing is considered courageous.”

“What conservatives need to do is come up with an agenda,” Curbelo continued. “Up to now, we have just forfeited on decision. That has to change.” The Florida Congressman, who represents a flood-prone area of the state, is widely expected to take the lead on an all-Republican climate change resolution commonly referred to as the Gibson Resolution after lead cosponsor, Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY-19), who is retiring at the end of the year. Curbelo also co-founded the House Climate Solutions Caucus.

“If you’re not taking risks in Congress, you’re wasting your time and you’re wasting the country’s time,” Curbelo said.

See a clip of the series below.