Dear Santa:

At the risk of sounding like we’re trying to micromanage your job, the ecoright has compiled a few friendly recommendations for you as you prepare to stock your sleigh with goodies.

2017 was a year of challenges. As of October, the U.S. has sustained fifteen weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion. These events included one drought, two flooding events, one freeze, seven severe storms, three tropical cyclones, and one wildfire. Cleanup/rebuilding continues and in a few weeks, we’ll know where the year falls on the record-breaking front.

Amid all this crazy, a committed group of ecorighters diligently connected dots, rounded up supporters, and made the case for climate action. Let’s call them The Nice List:

Rep. Carlos Curbelo: The co-founder of the House Climate Solutions Caucus has expanded the ranks of GOP members to 31 (62 members overall) all while rallying support for more climate action, particularly in light of hurricanes that battered his home-state of Florida. “Two years ago, I don’t think you could find more than two or three Republicans in the House who were willing to go on record in a significant way” on climate change. “I think the vast majority of House Republicans are shifting toward accepting the science and openness toward at least modest policy prescriptions.” For Curbelo, we suggest the gift of comfortable shoes so he can continue to pound pavement in support of pragmatic climate solutions.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Another Floridian unafraid to stand up for climate policy, the retiring Ros-Lehtinen led the charge against a bad climate amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. “I trust my instincts and I trust my knowledge, and boy, I’m not gonna let anybody mansplain to me. I’m gonna dig right in and I’m gonna get my point of view across,” she said earlier this year. “Sea level rise due to climate change is a scientific reality. People who argue that it isn’t changing, that the sea levels are the same, are just delusional. I tell my party, ‘Look. We say that we’re the party of level thinkers. Well, look at the science. Listen to the scientists when they tell you what is going on with our climate.'” For the retiring Ros-Lehtinen, we suggest the gift of a travel-sized podium and microphone so she can continue to speak loudly and inspire confidence.

Mayor Dale Ross: This Republican mayor of Georgetown, Texas has converted his city to operating 100 percent on renewable energy. “I think we will run out of fossil fuels before we ever run out of sunshine and wind,” he said. “We need to put national politics aside and make decisions that are best for the people we serve.” Give the guy new sunglasses to protect against all those natural resources.

Bob Inglis: He doesn’t know we added him—and we’re sure he’s on your radar—but we want to give a shout out to the Jon Snow of climate change, a man making the conservative case for free enterprise solutions to climate change, day by day, person by person. The 2017 EnCourage Tour capped off a year punctuated by challenges, and through it all, Bob remained poised, determined and ready to work. “A lot of people haven’t really heard a solution that fits with their values,” Bob said recently. “We want to show them there’s a small government solution that is completely consistent with the key value of conservatism, which is accountability.” Bob deserves a nice vacation so he can recharge for 2018!

At the same time those and other unsung heroes were acting, too many national political leaders—many serving in the Administration—were taking a duck and cover approach to climate. Let’s call these guys The Naughty List. Frequent climate jester EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, purveyor of the soundproof booth; Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, for dismissing the national security impacts of climate change; and for setting a negative tone in Washington, President Donald Trump.

Since the guys on our naughty list are mostly interested in propping up the dying coal industry, it seems only fitting they receive lumps of coal in their stockings. The perfect gift for climate deniers!

What’s at the top our Christmas wish list? As the song goes, on the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a revenue neutral, border-adjustable carbon tax.

Our best wishes for a joyous holiday season.

The Ecoright

P.S. We’re on the nice list (if we do say so ourselves)