On this last day of August, here is the ecoright climate news you need to know before weekend eve.

On College Republicans: Sierra Magazine profiled Nick Frankowski, Ohio State University’s vice chair of the Ohio College Republican Federation, on how young Republicans think and talk about climate change. “We’re obviously very young and energetic, and we’re still figuring things out. We’re not settled into rigid positions on anything yet. The principles are consistent, but when it comes to specific issues like climate policy, we’re very enthusiastic to learn more and come to a conclusion that aligns with our principles,” he says in the interview.

Governator offers support: Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called Assemblyman Chad Mayes the “type of Republican California needs.” Mayes was pressured to resign his leadership post after negotiating and helping pass an extension of that state’s climate change program, initially passed under Schwarzenegger’s administration. “If the Republican Party will go in that direction then we will have an increase in the membership of the Republican Party,” Schwarzenegger said. “Because this is what the people want us to do.”

Mayes thanked the former governor for his friendship and called him a “change agent” who “paved the way for others seeking to make our world a better place to live.” Mayes said state party leaders can “either convert individuals to become Republicans, or we can reflect California values and as a party begin to move toward Californians. What we’ve been doing for the last 20 years is not converting Californians to our ideas. We’ve been repelling them. And we haven’t been reflecting Californians, we’ve become more insular and ideologically pure. And both of those are not winning strategies.”

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Hurricane Harvey victims and responders in and around Houston.