Happy Monday! We love starting off the week with good news and we love even more the chance to share it with you.

Another mayor getting it done: Check out this profile of Georgetown, Texas Mayor Dale Ross, a conservative Republican who led his town to be the first (and only) in Texas to run completely on renewable energy. On climate change, he has this to say: “What reasonable person can’t weigh the evidence and come to the conclusion that climate change is real and it’s happening. When you say,`No, it’s not.’ Really? Well what are you basing that on? You think Irma and Harvey were just coincidences? Really?” We say: don’t mess with Texas!

Iowa evangelist preaches climate: In similar news, we are officially drafting Iowan Lindsay Mouw into the ecoright club. This young conservative details her conversion on climate change (she even changed her major from medicine to environmental science) and how her faith guides her actions. “No one even talked about climate change in church, and some had barely heard of it. We know God loves his creation and the poor,” she said. “So start small. Ride your bike. Turn off the lights. I tell them to think of it as loving your brothers and sisters around the world. Do this as part of your faith.”

We could end with jester-like actions, but let’s keep today about the positive. Get out there and do good work.