As we inch toward our 20th (!!!) episode, we remain thrilled to bring you a wide range of voices in the climate arena. Today is no exception. I was happy to welcome to the podcast Climatewire editor Evan Lehmann.

Evan has been a journalist for 16 years. He began covering Congress in 2005 and joined E&E News in 2008 to write about federal policy related to climate change and the insurance industry. (That was around the time when our paths first crossed, when I was working for Senator John Warner). He covered the Trump presidential campaign and the White House, so he was the perfect person to chat with about the presidential debate. I hope you’ll take a listen.

Links I promised in this episode:

Coming up next week: My conversation with Andrew Holland, the COO of the American Security Project and the guy who introduced me to Alex Bozmoski who subsequently brought me into the republicEn.org fold.