In the latest update to the Global Warming’s Six Americas project co-led by the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, the “Alarmed” category of Americans outnumbers “Dismissive” nearly 4 to 1. (The project distinguishes American attitudes on climate change into six distinct groups: Alarmed, Concerned, Cautious, Disengaged, Doubtful, and Dismissive, with Alarmed being the most engaged about climate change and Dismissive the least.)

From their latest findings: “More than half (54%) of Americans are either Alarmed or Concerned, while the Doubtful and Dismissive are only 18% of the population. However, because conservative media organizations prominently feature Dismissive politicians, pundits and industry officials, most Americans overestimate the prevalence of Dismissive beliefs among other Americans.”

The Alarmed group has doubled in size over the last five years while Cautious, Disengaged, and Dismissive have shrunk.

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