This week’s guests, Beth Malow and Bruce Morlan, are both passionate about climate change and passionate about civil discourse in this country. One of them identifies as liberal and the other as conservative—I won’t spoil the surprise of which is which—and they are committed to addressing climate change as members of the Citizens Climate Lobby and restoring civility as members of Braver Angels, a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America. In fact, CCL has a Braver Angels action team, which is how the two came together.

Together, Beth and Bruce embody more of what we need in the world, so I encourage you to give them a listen. They were also the most prepared guests I’ve ever had, sharing links they’d mention ahead of time so that you could do further research into their topics of conversation. 

And if you want to hear more about the connection between sleep loss and climate change, check out this article.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!