There are so many climate impacts we don’t even know how to address. Sure, most of us have recently experienced a heat wave. More and more of us are experiencing extreme weather or more intense storms. Droughts. Wildfires. But there are hidden impacts too. And one of those, which my producer Price Atkinson and I have been talking about a lot lately, is the impacts on sports. That’s why when Mark Midland, who has spent a career in horse racing, reached out to share that Churchill Downs had had to cancel and reschedule races for the first time in history because of rising temperatures, we took note.


We can’t help but wonder what other sports are going to be impacted by rising temperatures and extreme weather, whether it’s impacts on the health of the athletes and other adjacent professions or impacts on facilities. If you are an expert in this realm, hit us up. We want to hear more.

Enjoy the show.