Salt Lake City

Last week, at a presentation before The Sutherland Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah Rep. John Curtis issued his six-point plan for dealing with climate change.

“For good or bad, I’m the elephant in the climate room,” the founder of the House Conservative Climate Caucus said as he presented his plan for action. “I’ve been known as the one Republican who is willing to talk about climate… The case I’d like to make today is that no matter where you are, conservative or liberal, our interests are actually aligned.”

Llisting U.S. energy dominance, a strong economy, affordable and reliable power, and reduced emissions as his four primary goals, Mr. Curtis laid out the steps he thinks need to be taken to get there as:

  • Nuclear energy
  • Improved storage for renewable power
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Energy innovation
  • Engagement with farmers
  • Harvesting minerals domestically

“This will only happen if we work together to do what’s right,” he noted. “And once again the U.S. can be the power we all know it can be.”