Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who made a failed run at the GOP presidential nomination, claimed Americans are not worried about climate change.

“Polls consistently show that despite constant media fear-mongering over climate change being a bigger danger than ISIS, a nuclear Iran and Alec Baldwin’s temper put together, most Americans just aren’t that concerned,” he wrote on his Facebook page earlier this week. “Maybe it’s because if you’ve been alive long enough, you’ve seen so many apocalyptic predictions come and go (remember when tuna became an $80-a-can rare delicacy in the 1980s? Me, neither.) And yet the world is still here, there are still fish in the sea,” the post continued.

“Tick another failed prediction off the list: Manmade global warming was supposed to have melted away the entire Arctic Ice Cap by 2016. One ‘climate expert from Cambridge University even wrote a book called A FAREWELL TO ICE (which sounds like a travel guide for American tourists who are trying to find a cold drink in Europe). In fact, Arctic ice cover has grown to over 2.9 million square miles, a 31% increase since 2012,” he wrote. His post ended with this disclaimer: “No, neither I nor anyone I know ‘denies’ climate change. We just question the expertise of those who want to destroy our economy to avert their apocalyptic weather predictions for the next century when they can’t even get the weekend forecast right.”

A poll commissioned by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions found 55 percent of all voters are more likely to support a candidate who believes human activity contributes to climate change and even more critical, 65 percent are less likely to support a candidate who believes climate change is a hoax.