Who says word clouds are passé? We think this one looks powerful! This is the culmination of words collected from our republicEn community for the #EcoRight Alphabet. Look closely & you’ll see some key climate actors, including Bob Inglis, Katharine Hayhoe, Quill Robinson, Craig Preston, and Peter Bryn.
Every month, republicEn asks 3 Questions for the EcoRight to learn more about our community. Sometimes we enlist the community to help us out with a project, as was the case this month.

January’s poll was a call for help! We’ve been working on a list A-Z of words or phrases (with their definitions or descriptions!) that resonate with conservatives who care about climate action. We dubbed this project the #EcoRight Alphabet.

Specifically, we wanted words & concepts that can be confusing, for example, acronyms that people have looked up to see what they were referring to (NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Basic concepts in policy and science were important, too, as well as listing influential people.

Starting next week, on February 15, we’ll post the alphabet on our social media outlets on Wednesdays, tagged as #EcoRightWordWednesday. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

For now, here is a preview:

We’ll officially introduce the #EcoRight Alphabet starting with the word ‘Accountability‘.