Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has focused his campaign efforts on a strong showing in New Hampshire, told Granite Staters in a town hall meeting that he will not support efforts back home to roll back a state law requiring electric utilities to provide energy efficiency measures to ratepayers and to provide green forms of energy.

“That’s not acceptable,” Kasich said. “We need to drive efficiency in this country. We should have been doing it 40 years ago.”

Kasich added: “Of course we like solar. We like wind… And solar prices have come down dramatically. We are going to have the development of solar and wind, and if the [Ohio] legislature wants to gut it, then I am going to go back to the goal that we had, which was unpalatable. I am not playing around with this.”

The original goal Kasich referenced would have required 25 percent of Ohio’s electricity to be derived from “alternative” sources by 2025, 12.5 percent from green sources and 12.5 percent from nuclear and/or clean coal.