The year 2017 marked a time for courageous leadership, and we are happy the ecoright delivered. As we prepare for what 2018 has in store—the President’s tweet on global warming amid the cold spell probably a harbinger for what to expect—we look to our favorite stories of 2017 for inspiration.

House Climate Solutions Caucus membership doubles: We applaud Rep. Carlos Curbelo for his leadership in expanding the ranks in this bipartisan climate club. While the GOP members may not all agree on one policy outcome and some are new to embracing the call for climate action, now is the right time to engage, and we welcome the opportunity to cultivate new champions.

Sinking the Perry Amendment: In its first show of strength for the abovementioned Caucus, an amendment offered by Rep. Scott Perry (PA-4) would have killed language in the National Defense Authorization Act geared toward enabling the armed forces to study the potential threat to military installations and war readiness posed by climate change. Led by Caucus members Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27) and Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY-21), 46 Republicans voted to kill this bad amendment, which was defeated.

All it takes is courage: In Bob’s ten-week, ten-city tour, one stop stood above the rest. In Omaha, Nebraska, he was joined by retired Air Force general Caucus member Rep. Don Bacon (NE-2) for a rousing discussion of the carbon tax. The visit was reported in the Omaha World-Herald before our proverbial whistle stop crossed the state border, and we are encouraged by the eager crowds awaiting Bob and the overall willingness to learn and lead.

Welcome aboard: The ecoright is growing. We are happy 2017 welcomed the Climate Leadership Council and American Conservation Coalition, groups that are working on outreach in the business community and on college campuses, respectively.

What next? While 2017 was a tough year under any metric, we remain encouraged that in 2018 we can continue to build on the rising tide of conservative support for free enterprise climate action. What are we looking forward to in the upcoming year?

Expanding ranks in the House Climate Solutions Caucus—can we hit 80? 100? We have faith that this group will continue to grow and find opportunities to make a difference.

Hitting the road again for EnCourage Tour 2.0—are we coming to a town near you? Keep your eyes open for our 2018 schedule.

A robust debate on the carbon tax—as the dust settles on the tax bill, will lawmakers give it another look? We aren’t giving up hope yet.

Warmer temperatures—Just kidding! We get the difference between weather and climate, though it is rather blustery this week…

The ecoright is critical to forward progress on climate policy in this nation. Make yourself heard!