In an interview with Observer, former New York governor and one-time presidential candidate George Pataki said, “Intelligent people, from Republicans to Democrats, conservatives and liberals, can sit down and discuss the facts on a science basis—not reject the concerns of those who have doubts about the impact of human action and the overall contribution of greenhouse gases to global warming—and look to put in place consensus policies that empower American technology and innovation.” In his call for bipartisanship, he pointed to his personal view “that humans are emitting significant amounts of CO2, Methane, and greenhouse gases into the air. They do increase the capture of heat on the Earth’s surface, and the reasonable thing for us to do is to take appropriate steps consistent with economic growth to look for ways to reduce those emissions.” Pataki has been a long-time supporter of a national policy on greenhouse gas reductions.

“If Republicans and Democrats work together, we can see a continued dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases, and at the same time, an expansion of opportunity for the people of America,” he said.