At Fox Business Network GOP primary debate, moderator Maria Bartoloma posed a climate question to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul: “Is it possible to continue [the American] energy boon and move toward energy self sufficiency while at the same time, pursuing a meaningful climate change program?”

“The first thing I would do as president is repeal the regulations that are hampering our energy that the president has put in place,” Paul responded. “While I do think that man may have a role in the climate, I think nature also has a role.” He mentioned that temperature and CO2 levels have varied historically.

“We need to look before we leap,” Paul said. America “needs a balanced solution…needs someone who understands we need energy of all forms…It would be a mistake to shut down all the coal powered plants [lest we] wake up and our big cities are either very cold or very hot.”

He closed to applause with “all of the above — free up the energy sector, let them produce, let them drill.”