At an event held at the University of Richmond, North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer, who advises Donald Trump on energy policy, said the “vast majority of Americans are neither climate deniers nor climate worshippers,” while acknowledging most Americans favor a reduction in carbon emissions. “I think there’s plenty of room for compromise, technological advancement, discussion about how to do that,” Cramer added. He said he didn’t think anyone believes “fewer emissions is a bad idea, but I don’t share in this alarmism.”

Cramer also elaborated on how Trump would walk the U.S. back on the Paris Climate Accord, saying he could “simply step away from the accord and just announce we’re not going to fulfill our obligation under it.” He also surmised a Trump Administration could submit the accord to the U.S. Senate for approval, which it mostly likely would not get.

Meanwhile, Trump took to the radio waves to unleash on what an eyesore wind turbines present. “Half of them are broken,” he asserted. “They’re rusting and rotting. You know, you’re driving into Palm Springs, California and it looks like a poor man’s version of Disneyland. It’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen.”