Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, in an interview conducted by one of New Hampshire’s news stations, criticized efforts to address climate change legislatively.

“My argument has been that I don’t support these laws that they want us to pass. They want us to pass laws that will do nothing to impact the environment. But they will be devastating to our economy.”

“America today is cleaner than it was ten years ago,” Rubio added. “The American innovator is going to help make us more energy efficient, and it’s going to help us develop things like natural gas, which is a clean source of energy for our country and for our future.”

“So that’s what I will continue to promote. Innovation and new energy sources.”

On Sunday, speaking at a town hall meeting in Iowa, Rubio told the crowd, “there’s never been a time when the climate has not been changing.” He said he would not support policies that cost “hundreds of thousands” of jobs and make America less competitive.