And we’re halfway there! It’s Wednesday, in case the holiday and/or weather threw you off. Check out these tidbits of happy ecoright news.

Support grows: In a new Public Opinion Strategies poll, 79 percent of self-described conservatives support the expansion of clean energy policies, and conservative voters are 36 percent more likely to vote for a candidate who also supports expansion of clean energy. “If a candidate wants to espouse these views and wants to really champion these issues, we’re seeing no pushback whatsoever,” according to Lori Weigel, who conducted the poll. Public Opinion Strategies is the same polling firm used by many Republican lawmakers.

Romney outlines plan: In a broad policy speech made in Salt Lake City at the Utah Economic Outlook and Public Policy Summit, former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney said climate change is caused by human activity, something he wants a plan to combat.

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