GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump campaigned in La Crosse, Wisconsin yesterday, the eve of today’s primary in that state. At a rally, he addressed the issue of climate change.

“We have problems, okay. We have big problems,” Trump said. “We may have a global warming problem, but it will be of the nuclear variety if we don’t have smart people in office and soon. And soon. Global warming is not our biggest problem, folks. Believe me.”

Trump went on to criticize the language used to describe the issue.

“Do you ever notice they have global warming, they have extreme weather? They have named it so many different times, now I hear they call it extreme weather a little bit more. But they have changed the name so often, right, so often. They just weren’t working. The names. And forget that. We have a problem, and the problem is nuclear, and we have to be very careful.”

Cruz is expected to edge Trump out for a victory in today’s contest.