Welcome to our 20th episode! We are thrilled to bring you this monumental episode with Florida Rep. Francis Rooney. Mr. Rooney has represented the 19th Congressional District for two terms and he’s term limited himself, as he truly believes that he got done what he came to do in Congress. He’s the co-sponsor of several carbon pricing bills (linked below) and has served as the Republican co-chair of the House Climate Solutions Caucus with his delegation mate, Rep. Ted Deutch.

We will certainly miss his voice of reason when he retires.

Links mentioned in this episode:

And our newest fun segment, Whose Line Is It Anyway, stumped our team!

Stay tuned for next week, when we do something a little different. Given that next Tuesday is ELECTION DAY, we have decided not to air our regular content. Instead, we will bring you reactions from our team and community on Wednesday afternoon. Check in with us then!